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The Third Plenum of the Chinese Communist Party outlined a bold course for comprehensive reforms to meet China's pressing challenges and one of the key issues in China’s pursuit of balanced economic development includes the rebalancing of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and the private sector. As reform is now the top priority for the Chinese government, how this paves the way forward is a key topic of discussion.

Inevitably, some reforms would face resistance from groups such as SOEs, local government and government-affiliated institutions. In addition to the economic orientations, the leadership has also placed its priorities on dealing with populist frustrations and social discontent.

Against the backdrop of an uncertain global economic outlook, China may face greater challenges in implementing the proposed reforms due to its heavy reliance on exports and foreign investment, thus giving rise to questions about China’s future:

  • What would China’s growth be like over the next few years?
  • To what extent is the rebalancing of China’s economy actually happening?
  • How would the economy be affected by the Chinese government’s centralization of power?
  • To what extent would the developments in the international scene influence the implementation of China’s reforms?

The fifth edition of the FutureChina Global Forum aims to equip delegates with an insider’s view on China’s course in the upcoming period and provide insights required to ride the waves of China’s reforms.

Distinguished Speakers

Prime Minister, Singapore
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Emeritus Senior Minister and Senior Advisor, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Singapore
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Vice Chairman, Boao Forum for Asia; Chairman, China Center for International Economic Exchanges and Former Vice Premier, People’s Republic of China
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Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of National Development and Board Director, Business China, Singapore
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Executive Vice Chairman, China Center for International Economic Exchanges, People’s Republic of China
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Deputy Chairman of the Board & Rotating CEO, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, People’s Republic of China
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Chairman & Co-Chief Investment Officer, Value Partners Group, Hong Kong SAR
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