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China has entered a new phase in its trajectory, a phase marked by new challenges as its economy transitions from an investment and export-driven model to a consumer-driven, technology-based economic model, against the backdrop of an increasingly diversified and complex society. While the leadership is waging an ever expanding campaign against corruption, it is at the same time re-defining China’s role and positioning in Asia as well as on the global stage. The country is just starting to adjust to the realities and implications of a “new normal” of single digit growth. New sources of business opportunities are emerging, generated by the aspirations and expectations of a Chinese society whose demographic balance is shifting, as well as the continued rise of the middle class and its unabated thirst for consumption.

In this context of economic, societal and political transition, a holistic approach integrating the business, societal, cultural, political and psychological dimensions of China’s new realities needs to be taken in order to grasp the different forces and factors impacting the country’s development.

The FutureChina Global Forum is the only Forum going beyond the usual discussions on China’s economic and political evolution to provide a holistic perspective of how China is evolving, the various drivers of change and how they interact with one another. “Opportunities Amidst China’s Rebalancing” is the theme of FutureChina Global Forum 2015 and it reflects the fact that while the economic restructuring process leads to a significant slowdown in the pace of growth, this also gives rise to a wave of fresh opportunities in the services sector and new growth sectors. A new paradigm is beginning to emerge in which some of the conventional wisdom and established truths about doing business in and with China will have to be revisited.

The sixth edition of the FutureChina Global Forum aims to equip delegates with an insider’s perspective on the new paradigm that has been created and provide insights into leveraging windows of opportunity that have emerged amidst China’s rebalancing.

Distinguished Speakers

Prime Minister, Singapore
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Vice-Chairman, 12th CPPCC National Committee, People's Republic of China
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Chairman, Kerry Logistics Network Limited, Singapore
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Former Chief Executive Officer, China International Capital Corporation, People's Republic of China
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Professor & Honorary Dean, National School of Development, Peking University, People's Republic of China
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Professor of International Economics, University of Indonesia, Indonesia
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Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United States of America
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