Welcome to FutureChina Global Forum

The FutureChina Global Forum was created by Business China in 2010 to provide a platform for sharing analyses and experiences about the trends and forces shaping China’s evolution. The programme of the Forum is designed to help participants get an integrated picture of China’s fast moving economy and society. This holistic approach contributes to a better understanding of what to expect from China as a business partner.

The FutureChina Global Forum has established itself as a major event for business executives and personalities who need to understand where China is going. Under the leadership of China President Xi Jinping, China’s economic and social policies are experiencing great changes. President Xi aims to adjust and improve China’s economic structure, setting a goal to eliminate poverty by 2020 with an annual GDP growth rate of 6.5%. He has also abolished the one child policy in existence in China since 1978. Even though the restructuring efforts are causing short term dislocation, the rise of the services sector and consumer upgrading in China are powering new momentum in the economy. With the “One Belt, One Road” initiative going into full swing, overseas investors can look forward to access not only the China market, but also the largely untapped Central Asia market through China.

In this context of economic and social transition, a holistic approach integrating the business, political, societal and psychological dimensions of China’s new realities need to be taken in order to grasp the different forces and factors impacting the country’s development.

The seventh edition of the FutureChina Global Forum will bring together 400 participants, most of them senior executives. It will provide a privileged opportunity for a stimulating exchange of insights and analyses. The Forum will look to discuss wide-ranging topics such as “Entrepreneurship and the promises of the sharing economy”, “The Smart City: Internet+, Industrial 4.0 and the new growth sectors”, “Moving further on the China-Asean relationship” and provide an insider’s perspective on how the new paradigms can create windows of opportunity for participants.

Distinguished Speakers