FutureChina Global Forum 2017

Day 1 – Thursday, 13 July 2017
1130hrs – 1200hrs Registration
1230hrs – 1400hrs Welcome Ceremony

Welcome Address:
LEE Yi Shyan, Chairman, Business China

Opening Speeches:
TEO Chee Hean, Deputy Prime Minister; Co-chairman of the Singapore-China Joint Council for Bilateral Cooperation

LAN Tianli, Standing Member of the CPC Guangxi Regional Committee and First Vice Governor of Guangxi, P. R. China

1415hrs – 1530hrs
1 – Opening Plenary Session
A status report on China’s economy in the global context
  • Is the growth target this year achievable without increasing structural imbalances in the absence of new reforms?
  • Will Beijing be able to cool lending without harming this year’s growth target?
  • What could be the risk of the real estate bubble bursting?
  • How could a “pause” or a “shift” in globalisation and an increase of trade frictions impact China’s economic prospects?
1545hrs – 1700hrs
2 – Plenary Discussion
Internationalisation of China’s Companies / Third Country Collaboration
1715hrs – 1830hrs 3 – Plenary Discussion
What is required to make OBOR an all-inclusive, win-win, grand design?
  • What will make OBOR a sustainable growth contributor for the countries involved?
  • How to ensure fair competition between Chinese and non-Chinese companies in bidding processes?
  • How to prioritise projects on the basis of their impact for the development of the countries involved? 
1830hrs – 1915hrs
Networking Cocktail
Day 2 – Friday, 14 July 2017
0845hrs – 1015hrs 4 – Plenary Session
How far will the "re-calibrating" of the US-China relationship go?
  • What key factors are shaping the Trump administration policy towards China?
  • How will the trade and economic dimensions affect the way Washington orients its China policy?
  • What will be the key elements to assess how the Trump administration sees US' role as a major power in the Asia-Pacific region, ready to protect its interests and the stability and security of the region?
1015hrs – 1045hrs Tea Break
1045hrs – 1200hrs 5A – Panel Discussion
A year of crucial financial and monetary challenges
  • Keeping a lid on financial risks and managing external risks
  • What trade-offs between the short term imperatives and strategic goals in managing the Yuan?
5B – Panel Discussion
Follow the omnipresent Chinese consumer
  • Buying on the phone: How fast this will continue to expand
  • Watch how Chinese women are increasing their impact on consumption patterns
  • Millennial consumers looking for “experience”, emotions and aspirational consumption
1215hrs – 1400hrs 6 – Plenary Lunch
Smart City Solutions and Next Generation Transport

Keynote Speaker:
William LI, NextEV, Chairman and Founder

Dr LEE Shiang Long, President, ST Kinetics
Derrick XIONG, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, EHang Inc

1415hrs – 1545hrs 7 – Plenary Discussion
Meet the growth drivers of China’s New Economy
A conversation with the entrepreneurs leading the fast development of China’s new growth sectors: IoT, Entertainment, High-Tech, new services, big data and smart cities…
  • Which high growth sectors and who is driving them?
  • How they are doing it?
  • What will be their next steps?
  • What do these high growth sectors mean for the transformation of China’s economy?
1600hrs – 1715hrs 8A – Panel Discussion
Financing OBOR on what terms?
It is estimated that US$ 1.2 trillion could be invested in infrastructure projects alone in countries involved in the One Belt One Road initiative. What will be role and share of bilateral and multilateral financing, as well as foreign lending? How could debt-financing play-out?
8B – Panel Discussion
From world factory to smart manufacturer: How China is positioning itself in the global industrial competition
  • What is needed for Industry 4.0 to succeed?
  • How is robotics beginning to change the country’s industrial scene and prospects?
  • Upgrading through Internet of things, automation and connectivity
  • Increasing total factor productivity
  • Lowering production cost
1715hrs – 1745hrs Tea Break
1745hrs – 1900hrs 9A – Panel Discussion
Economic Development Post 19th Party Congress
9B – Panel Discussion
What opportunities for foreign investors in China’s new normal?
  • What sectors and opportunities should foreign MNCs focus on in China’s new economic and policy context?
  • What foreign MNCs need to do/are doing in their modus operandi and strategies to adapt to China’s new realities?
  • What are the key issues where foreign MNCs need more transparency or policy adjustments to be able to operate in China?
1900hrs – 1945hrs Cocktail Reception
2000hrs – 2200hrs 10 – Business China Awards and Closing Gala Dinner

Keynote Speaker:
LEE Hsien Loong, Prime Minister