About FutureChina Global Forum and Singapore Regional Business Forum 2018

forumImage2The speed, breadth and scope of the changes occurring in every facet of China’s economic, business, societal, and political landscape are creating an increasingly complex and sometimes puzzling picture in which contradictions abound, as today’s conventional wisdom can fast become obsolete.

The lack of relevant holistic approach to - and integrated knowledge of - China’s fast-changing realities continues to lead to many damaging and costly mistakes, frictions and disappointments in dealing with China.

The FutureChina Global Forum is the only Forum going beyond the usual discussions on China’s economic evolution, or on what is happening among the different government circles in Beijing, to provide genuine insights on how China is evolving, what are the various drivers of change and how they interact with one another.


The formats of discussion, as well as the layout of the venue are designed to promote genuine, candid discussions as well as a high level of interaction, using all the resources of IT to capture key insights and outcomes.

Different formats for discussion will be used to maximise interaction and to generate outcomes, according to the topic addressed:

  • Brainstorming sessions carefully prepared in advance as well as moderated to ensure that interactions are focused and engaging, thereby leading to genuine take-aways for the participants
  • Update/briefing sessions on business, societal, technology and geopolitical developments with an impact on business
  • Debates confronting analyses and perceptions on some developments happening in China and what they bode for the future with respect to domestic or international orientations
  • Panel discussions to bring together different approaches and perspectives on one specific topic or issue so that participants can get – as an outcome – some form of an integrated notion and perspective on the topic


The Discussion Leaders

Government and business leaders, academia, media personalities, artists, cultural personalities, renowned experts from China, Asia and around the world.

The Participants

Business executives & leaders, government officials, academic experts, NGOs leaders, public personalities from China, Asia and around the world.

All who realise the need for a more comprehensive and integrated understanding of China.