Why Join

The FutureChina Global Forum is a time-efficient, privileged platform that allows participants to:

  • Acquire business-relevant insights on the developments and new trends shaping China’s growth trajectory
  • Identify and assess the drivers of change in the social, economic, cultural, lifestyle and political domains as well as how they impact one another
  • Get a better understanding and a more integrated picture of China’s evolution and how this affects its interaction with the rest of the world
  • Engage in high-level sharing of perspectives and networking with a range of business leaders, young entrepreneurs, public personalities, senior officials and thought leaders
  • Become part of a club-like community of business, political, civil society and academic personalities that is involved in and interested in China’s trajectory

The agenda of discussions is set around four orientations:

  1. The new trends, issues and developments shaping - or impacting on - China’s economic and political context
  2. The way China’s cultural environment is evolving and what this tells us about China’s new realities
  3. The science and technology scene in China as well as the trends, developments and factors shaping China’s economic and business scene
  4. China and the world: How does China see its role on the international economic and political scene, how perceptions are being shaped and how they impact China’s interaction with the rest of the world