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“I am very honoured to be invited to speak at this forum. I think this forum is a very useful platform for Singapore and as a matter of fact, for all ASEAN countries, as well as other Asian countries to better understand China.”

Dr Fredrick CHIEN Fu 
Cathay Charity Foundation
Fredrick CHIEN

"It is an excellent platform for helping us to recognize the real China of today. The region wants to deepen its cooperation with China and likewise, China wants to enhance its cooperation with the region. A platform like Business China’s FutureChina Global Forum helps to facilitate this interaction and serves as a friendship bridge between the region and China."

Amb Stanley LOH 
Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore to the People’s Republic of China
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Stanley LOH

"I think there are more panels, there are more speakers, the audience and the number of registered participants has grown substantially since the first meeting in 2010."

Dr Nicholas LARDY 
Senior Fellow
Peterson Institute for International Economics
United States of America
Nicholas LARDY

"I have always made it a point to attend the FutureChina Global Forum, because of the excellent range of speakers from the academia and the business community, many of whom have been studying the political situation for a long time. They usually have different views on political events, social issues or economic development and some of these views will have an impact on how we conduct our business in China. This is a good forum for keeping myself updated on the latest happenings in China."

TEO Eng Cheong
Chief Executive Officer International
Surbana Jurong Group
TEO Eng Cheong

"This is a very important forum, an annual event where you gather a large number of experts and people who are very interested in China’s growth and the region's."

CHIN Phei Chen
Chief Strategy Officer (China)
CapitaLand Group
Chin Phei Chen

"It is impressive that the forum is able to bring a lot of diverse and very knowledgeable scholars and experts into the sessions. I am getting up-to-date information about China and am very impressed about what I am learning. The forum is well focused and with the right people, right topic and held at a right venue. I can go back to Korea and talk as if I am the ‘expert’ on the Chinese issue."

Kenneth CHOI
Editor, Political News
TV Chosun
Republic of Korea
Kenneth CHOI

"I think this has been an excellent initiative bringing together for the fourth time, many of the world’s leading experts on China and many Chinese business people and scholars, journalists from China to really exchange ideas about where China is going. The forum has really found an important niche to discuss this, in a very candid and open way. I spend my life going to meetings around the world concerning China but this is very unique and I am very impressed by the quality of the presentations and the interactiveness of the dialogue."

Director, China Policy Program
Elliott School of International Affairs
George Washington University
United States of America
David Shambaugh

"This forum, especially the first panel session, gives a very good, comprehensive overview of China’s new directions, for example, the slowdown in growth, what are the new problems the government might confront, the need for structural reforms, the potential vested interest and how to overcome that and the determination of Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang regime in implementing and pushing through this reforms."

Prof TAN Kong Yam 
Director, Asia Competitiveness Institute
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
National University of Singapore
Tan Kong Yam

"China has grown so strongly for 30 years that we still tend to think about China, discuss China very much in a Western framework. I think what this conference does is to help to shift that, so that the center of our focus is more to see China, in China’s own terms and I think that is very significant."

Prof Hugh WHITE
Professor of Strategic Studies, School of International, Political & Strategic Studies
Australian National University
Hugh White

"Overall, this is a very well-organized forum. I am actually quite impressed by the level of attendees here. I have been to many conferences in my work and one of the main draws of coming to a conference is the networking. So on that front, I am very much impressed with it. I think that coming to Singapore for the FutureChina Global Forum is also a nice way to tap into the network within Southeast Asia that cares about China."

Head of Marketing, Asia and EMEA
People’s Republic of China
Emily Chong

"... even in Hong Kong, seldom do I see a conference on China where the depth and breadth is as good as this one..."

Ronnie CHAN
Hang Lung Properties Limited
Ronnie Chan

"It has been a very insightful seminar, it gives a lot of background on what’s happening in China. The topics lined up are fantastic and the speakers are very knowledgeable."

Group Vice President
Horizon Research & Consultancy Group
People's Republic of China 
Feng Xi

“FutureChina Global Forum is a very meaningful event. The discussions are very in-depth and feature analyses from a slate of quality speakers. Through this platform, government leaders, experts, business leaders from China, Singapore and various countries are able to come together to voice their opinions and insights into issues revolving around China’s development.”

GAO Jifan
Chairman & CEO
Trina Solar Limited
People's Republic of China
Gao Jifan

“This is a very major event on China. It provides a lot of insights on how China is going to develop and we hope to understand it more and to see more business opportunities from this.”

GOH Toh Sim
Chief Representative (China)
Keppel Corporation Limited
People's Republic of China
Goh Toh Sim

“This forum allows entrepreneurs, politicians and other delegates from Singapore to understand China better. The topics selected are very relevant and the discussions expanded my horizons, and gave me new, interesting perspectives.”

Ctrip.com, Home Inns and Hotels, and China Lodging Group
People's Republic of China
Ji Qi

“Lineup of topic was fantastic. It covers different areas like banking, government, commercial and innovation. That’s what investors like us need to look at China. I think it is one of the best managed forums I have seen in Singapore and you learn a lot about China within two days.”

Director and Chief Compliance Officer
Leoniehill Capital Pvt Ltd
Arun Kant

“Overall, it was a very positive experience. It was well organized. The panelists and topics were outstanding and I have got a lot of insights about China. I know China better now and I have a better picture about where China is leading towards.” 

Managing Director
Volkswagen Group Malaysia

“The topics selected in this forum are very pertinent in the areas where China is being watched from throughout the world. More importantly the experts selected are truly the domain experts who can shed a lot of light on these important areas.”

Dr LEE Kai-Fu
Chairman and CEO
Innovation Works
People's Republic of China
Lee Kai-Fu

“I think it is an extremely important forum. There is no other topic as important in the world as the one we are dealing with today. Overall, the forum has been extremely well organized. There is a very impressive lineup of speakers. The content of the forum is very intense and the topics diversely cover the challenges that China is facing.”

Former Secretary General
European Union Chamber of Commerce in China
People's Republic of China
Dirk Moens

“Impeccably organized and informative.”                        

Dr Christian MURCK
AmCham China
People's Republic of China
Christian Murck

"The standard of this forum is very high as it provides delegates the opportunity to listen to experts from all over the world. As a third-generation Singaporean Chinese with business dealings in China, I have a keen interest in what’s happening in China and this forum allows me to have a comprehensive understanding of the issues China is facing."

NG Gim Choo
Founder and Group Managing Director
EtonHouse International Education Group
Ng Gim Choo

“Personally, I am impressed with the quality of the speakers, the moderators are well prepared, and the flow is very smooth. It was truly a professional session where the minds meet and the discussions are spoken openly and that I felt I had a lot of takeaways from them.”

OON Jin Teik
Group Executive Vice President, Global Marketing & Southeast Asia
Hyflux Limited
Oon Jin Teik

“If this was held in China, the atmosphere would be significantly more constrained. The fact that it is in Singapore, which is sympathetic to China as a neighbor, as a business partner, yet it is a separate country with free press, suggest that they can have a more honest and frank discussion.”

Douglas PAAL
Vice President for Studies
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
United States of America
Douglas Paal

"This forum puts together an unusually broad and diverse range of participants from both inside and outside China, from artists to young internet entrepreneurs to politicians and political analysts. The availability of simultaneous translation also meant that non-Mandarin and non-English speakers/delegates had the opportunity to hear voices and points of view that would normally be shut off to them. The sessions were lively and extremely well moderated. All in all, two days at the forum was worth months of reading! I would highly recommend it." 

Prof Anne-Marie SLAUGHTER
Bert G. Kerstetter '66 University Professor of Politics and International Affairs,
Princeton University
United States of America
Anne Marie Slaughter

“What distinguishes this forum from others I think is the nature of this kind of discussion which is not too academic and not too business oriented and not too official."

Former Secretary-General
UN Conference on Trade and Development

“To me, it is a very important forum in Singapore. It helps a lot of people understand a bit more about China, its intentions and how it relates to the rest of the world. It helps us as a business understand what are the megatrends that would follow, given the trend that China would slowly move out of its low cost manufacturing base to a more advanced economy. It is very focused on how China interacts with its regional partners and how it impacts the world. It brings a lot of value to us.”

Dr Enki TAN
Executive Chairman
GITI Tire Company Limited
Enki Tan

“This forum provides a very good platform for people who are interested in China, who are engaged in China in various capacities like business or other areas to come together to understand the issues that the country is facing and the opportunities and challenges that the country is grappling with. The forum gives participants a good and better understanding to prepare for their own respective area of work or area of interest.”

TAN Ser Ping
Founder & Managing Partner
Stanway Capital
Tan Ser Ping

“This is a platform for the people from both nations to get together to interact, so the momentum can help to shape the policy that facilitates the communication and interaction between the two nations, in order to find more business opportunities and political collaboration.”

Edward YU
Chairman & CEO
Analysys International
People's Republic of China
Edward Yu

“I hope that after this conference, more people will have a more diversified view of what China is. It’s not just about China preaching to the rest of the world what we are, what we want. Rather, also we should learn what others are thinking about a country like China and how can we work with others.”

China Central Television
People's Republic of China
Tian Wei

"This is a very high-level forum and great importance should be accorded to it.  Due to China’s rapid growth, China’s interaction with ASEAN and the rest of the world is now a topic of key interest in the global arena.

I think the forum is very meaningful as it brings together experts from different fields, including academia to discuss pertinent issues. In addition, the forum also provides an excellent platform for networking opportunities.”

Dr WANG Huiyao
Director General
Center for China and Globalisation
People's Republic of China
Wang Huiyao

“This forum has great significance especially since China is facing several issues with its economic restructuring process. I have benefitted greatly from the very realistic and practical discussions, which are highly relevant to China’s hot button issues.”

YE Min
Deputy Secretary
Qingdao Bureau of Commerce
People's Republic of China
Ye Min